June 6, 2024

Vegan Collagen 101

Hey Hotties! Let's talk about collagen, your skin's ultimate BFF. This powerhouse protein is that girl when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and fighting those pesky signs of aging. Picture it as the support beams that hold up your skin's structure, keeping it firm, stable, and strong.

Now here's the scoop: once you hit your 20s, your collagen production starts to dip, declining by about 1% each year. That's when those fine lines and wrinkles start creeping up on us. As if!

But don’t sweat it, our biodesigned vegan collagen is here to save the day!

What makes vegan collagen different?
Collagen has been a staple in the beauty and wellness scene for ages, but here's the kicker: traditional animal-derived collagen isn’t exactly on brand with the whole animal-free, clean, and sustainable beauty movement. It can be extracted from cows, pigs, chicken, sheep, fish, and more. That's so not what we're about.
Instead, we use a marine-inspired collagen with an amino acid sequence mimicking hydrozoan, a jellyfish-like species. How cool is that? It’s made through biodesign and precision fermentation, which makes our collagen 100% cruelty-free, Halal, USDA BioPreferred, and readily biodegradable. So, you can stay besties with the animals and Mother Nature!
But does vegan collagen really work?
You bet it does!

Studies show that this award-winning polypeptide improves skin elasticity and boosts moisture. It also provides after-sun support and even offers blue light protection.

Think of biodesigned collagen as the 2.0 version of collagen. Not only does it mimic the function of traditional collagen, but it kicks things up a notch with even better performance, purity, and quality.

So, it was a no-brainer for us to include this vegan collagen in all of our skin barrier-repairing makeup products. Join our waitlist to get a notification when our collection drops!

Our marine-inspired collagen will leave everyone so jelly of your stunning skin!



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