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Microbiome-friendly biotech-powered makeup for a healthier, hotter you.

Skincare enriched makeup, so you don't have to choose.

Inspired by our founder's green chemistry background and love for clean formulas, BiotechBeauty brings cutting edge actives and microbiome health to the forefront of color cosmetics. Thoughtfully crafted in California—from sustainable packaging to ethically sourced vegan ingredients.
Discover clinically proven, cruelty-free products that strengthen your skin for a healthier, hotter you.

Our Star Ingredients


Prebiotics & Postbiotics

A powerful combination that encourages the growth and healthy balance of beneficial bacteria on your skin to facilitate an optimal microbiome.



Our plant-based ceramides are lipids that restore your skin’s moisture levels while strengthening your skin barrier.


Fermentation-Derived Squalane

This biotech-derived hydration molecule instantly absorbs into your skin and repairs the Skin Barrier through clinically-demonstrated reductions in Trans-Epidermal Water Loss!


Stem Cell Extracts

Sourced from renewable plants, these extracts contain many skin-boosting substances, such as amino acids, AHAs, sugars, peptides, and proteins that help provide antioxidant protection.


ginseng extract

Inspired by traditional herbal remedies, this adaptogenic root extract delivers antioxidant compounds to your skin.


Ethically sourced synthetic mica

This lab-made pigment provides beautiful shimmer without the environmental or labor concerns associated with naturally-mined Mica. That’s why we use this more expensive synthetic alternative—the more ethical and sustainable choice.

Our Story

After studying biochemistry at UC Berkeley and creating clean skincare as a cosmetic formulation chemist, our founder Alanna Tran discovered the power of biotechnology to create effective, sustainable beauty solutions. As her experimentation progressed, she realized the dissonance between wearing makeup that damages the skin all day and trying to reverse that irritation with active skincare at night.

That’s why BiotechBeauty was born: to redefine the standard of “clean beauty” by leveraging bioengineered breakthrough ingredients, so we don’t have to compromise between wearing great makeup, improving our skin health, and caring for the planet along the way.

Through meticulous research and development, BiotechBeauty pioneered the concept of makeup that preserves the diversity of the skin microbiome and increases its barrier function with each wear. In an industry saturated with unsubstantiated, crafty marketing, we deliver transparent ingredient education and rigorous third-party claims validation. No greenwashing or clever marketing phrases—just unbiased, science-backed results.

Not only do we include high levels of innovative skincare ingredients in our makeup, but we also omit hundreds of extremely common ingredients that plague sensitive and acne-prone skin. Beauty shoppers are inundated with choices, so we make it easy. By carefully considering the safety and sustainability of each ingredient, opting for infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging, and curating clean, concise formulas, we’ve created a reality where beauty is both indulgence and empowerment. Through the fusion of science and artistry, BiotechBeauty gives you the tools to create a canvas for your most captivating self.

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