June 6, 2024

Get in Check with Biotech!

You’ve heard the term “biotechnology,” but maybe you don’t know what it means yet. We’re here to help, bestie! Biotechnology is basically technology based on biology. Biotech uses biological systems to develop products for specific applications, ranging from environmental to agricultural to medical solutions and more! Modern biotech emerged in the 1970s, when scientists first genetically engineered E. coli bacteria to make them resistant to an antibiotic. Yup– biotech has actually been around for a while! It’s come a long way since then, and we’re still unlocking the power that nature has to offer.
For the beauty industry, biotechnology means utilizing lab-designed ingredients to replace naturally occurring ones that are difficult or unsustainable to source.
BiotechBeauty harnesses the power of biologically derived ingredients, such as plant extracts, peptides, and enzymes, in addition to advanced techniques such as precision fermentation, to produce exciting new skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products.
What’s Fermentation?
Imagine tiny microbes like bacteria and yeast throwing a party in the comfortable conditions of their home. It's a controlled chaos where they work their metabolic magic, turning raw ingredients into perfect party favors: the exact compounds and molecules we want! Fermentation allows us to produce potent lab-made ingredients that ensure environmental sustainability and ethical sourcing, while minimizing the presence of impurities in beauty products.
“Lab-derived,” “Synthetic,” and “Bioengineered” ingredients? But that sounds scary!
Don’t stress bb! Producing ingredients in a lab is simply a more pure and sustainable method than sourcing from nature. Take our synthetic mica, for example, which is ethically sourced and does not rely on hazardous mining operations. Or, our bioengineered squalane, which is a cruelty-free alternative to shark liver-derived squalene! Notice the slight difference in spelling, due to the fact that bioengineered ingredients are biomimetic, meaning they are lab-designed but work just like what’s found in nature! Pretty amazing, we know. ;)
BiotechBeauty is designed to be more sustainable, ethical, and pure than most "natural" brands. (She really is that girl!)
→ Sustainability
Cosmetic formulation usually relies on intricate global supply networks and leaves a notable environmental footprint during ingredient sourcing, processing, transportation, and product disposal. Making ingredients in a lab streamlines the supply chain. This reduces land, water, and energy use– big slay! Check out how BiotechBeauty is changing the sustainability game with bioengineered ingredients like squalane and vegan collagen.

→ Social Responsibility
The traditional sourcing of some ingredients, such as mica, are plagued by hazardous working conditions and slave labor. By exclusively formulating with lab-created mica, BiotechBeauty ensures that our sparkles are ethically sourced.

→ Only the finest for ya!
*Winks* Lab-derived ingredients have a higher standard of purity than their brothers and sisters found in nature. That’s because biotech beauty processes are more like those from the pharmaceutical industry rather than the cosmetic industry, which allows our formulations to be more reproducible, consistent, and pure. Furthermore, the stringent testing and regulatory standards in pharmaceuticals often carry over into biotech beauty, ensuring that these products meet high safety and efficacy standards before reaching consumers.
→ Cutting-edge formulations
with enhanced efficacy and safety profiles
Biotechnology allows us to develop new, high-performance ingredients that offer unique benefits for even the most sensitive skin. With bioengineering, scientists can produce desired cosmetic ingredients or enhance their properties (like eliminating allergens, boosting antioxidants, or amplifying moisturizing agents). This is what sets BiotechBeauty apart!
The biotechnology revolution continues to influence everyone, from the foods we eat, to the environment we live in, to how we diagnose and treat illness. Now, you know it can also offer innovative solutions for healthier, more radiant skin without compromising on sustainability or social responsibility.
Get hyped for the future of science-backed makeup at your fingertips!



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